Kraków, Poland 

The long awaited four days away passed in a blur of awesome! 

Charlie and I started the holiday vibes in Bristol drinking Kraken with a side of food (my steak sandwich was perfect),  at a restaurant at the Harbourside before watching a bit of #girlboss then getting some shut eye ready for our 4am UBER to the airport. 

Honestly: this is the 15th airport experience together so we’re getting pretty good at airports. We immediately settled at the Starbucks counter, started booking up Yoga classes for our return and admired some books before boarding the plane. 

In the line for getting through passport control it became quickly evident we were heading for a lads weekend, surrounded predominantly by guys on their stag weekends!! One guy wearing silver shiny shorts was lunging down the walkway whilst another dressed as a nun… Just to give you a flavour! It was all good fun though and they didn’t get too rowdy on the flight! 

On landing in Kraków, we passed the array of pre-arranged taxi drivers to get to the train platform. A self service ticket and a super quick journey and we were there! Then only 20 minutes walk away from the hostel, which I’m proud to report was perfectly located and contained all the expected facilities! 

We checked in, locked our luggage then headed straight for some lunch.  The first beer was wonderfully satisfying, and the Polish apple pie was the best I’ve ever tried. We then walked to the main square to meet with the Free Walking Tour leader – a seriously wise move even in the heavy rain – to be guided around for 2 hours learning about the history of Kraków. 

Funfact: according to the guide, they make up legends for anything they can’t explain!

Like these are the pigeons of the Prince of Krakow, Henryk Probius, swarming the city…

There was no where to go without seeing the beauty of the place. We also snuck in a Sephora visit before finding dinner, then another walking tour and finishing our day in a Jazz club. 

The second day was spent mainly in the Jewish quarter, a lot of walking then a well deserved meal at Starka *I think that’s how to spell it! Then we went to a contemporary art museum (interesting) and Oscar Schindler’s factory (sobering). 

The Sunday was sobering, just as schindler’s factory was. Auschwitz caused my heart to go heavy and get shooting pains down my left arm. I was not emotionally prepared. I don’t think anything could have prepared me to see any of it. A necessary education though, as a reminder in the camp states “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”  – George Santayana. 

This obviously called for an evening of Wodka and meeting fellow travellers in local bars. 

I’m staggered at how inexpensive the whole trip was. The tray of wodka above cost the equivalent of £6.70. Kraków also proved pretty effective for shopping too, although did result in donating some of our stuff to the bin before leaving… 

The final day was a gentle morning heading back to the airport trying to obtain some polish Dumplings if at all possible!!! 

Over all. Unforgettable. 

[If you want any tips for Krakow, visit The Millennial Runaway on Facebook ☺️] 


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